Violin Memory | Flash Array, Enterprise Flash, SSD

Violin MemoryA leader in the transition of the data centre from legacy disk arrays to flash-based primary storage, Violin Memory provides innovative, flash-based storage solutions to accelerate enterprise level data centres at the intersection of business critical applications, big data / analytics, and virtualization.

Violin’s offering:

Memory Arrays

High performance shared storage redefined; 1 Million IOPS, micro-second latency, up to 64TiB of raw capacity, in 3 rack units.

Management Software

Storage Management at the speed of memory for simple, scalable data management, data protection, and system operations.

Violin Windows Flash Array

Combines Violin’s enterprise-class storage with the ease and flexibility of Windows® Storage Server 2012 R2 to achieve higher performance and efficiency for your business critical Microsoft® applications in physical, virtual, and private cloud environments.