Networking is the communication back bone of the data centre, helping connect the components and providing the means for data transmission and information sharing. The enterprise network is an enabler of communication from site to site, system to system and system to device. Networking impacts heavily on productivity and keeping organisations and its customers connected and online. Due to the reliance on networks, key challenges remain in availability, fault tolerance, data flow and management and security. Examples of some different types of networks include physically wired networks, wireless connectivity and software defined networking (SDN).

What’s Trending

1. Web-scale networks (cloud networks and software defined networking), a network that is agile and/or elastic enough to get big or to scale very quickly. Get big in term of network size and topology, a network which hance be expanded in real time rather than days or weeks or even months.

2. Network virtuatisation – a network which can accomodate multi tenant segmentation; scaleable to millions of tenants and virtual machines

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