The information age has been driven by the ability to store, manipulate and analyse data – all made possible by the different flavours and styles of the database. As we capture more data of varying types and the way in which we store and consume this data shifts we are now dealing with many different technologies. Some examples include the classic relational database, Object Orientated databases and Key Value Stores. The types and sources of data is ever growing and this remains a real business challenge, where true business value and competitive advantage can be derived with the right toolset.

What’s Trending

1. In-Memory Database and real time analytics allowing business to make decisions quicker
2. Purpose built engineered systems to run enterprise grade database workloads
3. PaaS – Providing platforms as a service for the database layer to achieve real business efficiencies.
4. Keeping the database online means the business application is online, High Availability of the database is a significant business challenge.
5. Database and Data Security.

Managing data is the best way of making it valuable. Commvault solutions analyse, analyse, move and protect data across the datacentre. This plays a very important role in storage as it minimises unnecessary disk utilisation and ultimately reducing overall storage costs.

NEXTGEN Vendors’ solutions

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