Data Management & Storage

As throughput increases and servers become powerful enough to drive enormous workloads a need to provide capable storage becomes evident. With the rapid expansion and consolidation of data, storage vendors are constantly developing new technology to keep up. As it is mostly perceived to provide somewhere data is kept, storage performance should not be overlooked. A properly sized and managed storage solution can be the answer to many IT challenges faced today.

What’s Trending

Nimble Storage and Violin Memory are currently the best breed of storage brands available. Both products have been designed from the ground up to outperform their competition. Nimbles adaptive flash solutions have proven to be the most effective storage choice for organisations of all sizes. Nimble provides high IOPS, high capacity, ease of management and cost effectiveness.

Managing data is the best way of making it valuable. Commvault solutions analyse, analyse, move and protect data across the datacentre. This plays a very important role in storage as it minimises unnecessary disk utilisation and ultimately reducing overall storage costs.

NEXTGEN Vendors’ solution

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