Big Data

Big Data has become an increasingly important component of enterprise IT infrastructure, and can offer enormous benefit and value to those who are able to examine and understand the data which is collected. Big Data is often defined as a combination of large volumes of traditional data, machine-generated data and social data which is typically gathered at high velocity.

The variety of the data is also an important aspect, as growth in social and mobile technology means that many forms of data, such as behavioral and geospatial information, has to be collated and analysed together with traditional structured data. There is often hidden value in data that has historically been over-looked, however the challenge that businesses face is identifying what data is of value to them and extracting it for analysis in a cost effective way. Due to the very nature of Big Data, it is often difficult for business requirements to be managed by a single solution.

Nextgen’s goal is to ensure that we offer “best of breed” solutions from a number of Vendors and this takes the complexity out of the multi-faceted approach to Big Data.

What’s Trending

1. Rich Data vs. Big Data: Companies will rely more on rich data which is the volumes of data that have actual relevance instead of big data, to drive growth.

2. Data of Everything vs. Internet of Things: Our fascination with the Internet of Things isn’t going away but the aggregated data generated from connected devices will add a new layer of value to the Internet of Things.

NEXTGEN Vendors’ solutions

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