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NNEXTGEN Create is a joint venture between digital creative agency ‘Bang’ and NEXTGEN, providing inbound and outbound marketing and content management services.

We use a number of robust and secure platforms to automate campaign and content creation enabling you to manage multiple campaigns in collaboration with your vendor partners. Providing full visibility across all your marketing activity also means you leverage the knowledge you build with each activity.

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OLOC is a joint venture between NEXTGEN and Navicle, the world’s leading Oracle licensing specialist.

Enterprise software licensing is extremely complex. Software companies offer customers a range of licensing choices and flexible payment options to increase the chance of a sale and the cost of managing this can be extremely expensive. Adding to this, there’s a natural tension between suppliers and users. Vendors want to license as much of their technology to as many clients as possible, while customers are focused on extracting maximum value from their investment. This conflict of interests is an opportunity for resell organisations to position themselves as a trusted advisor and help end-user customers safely navigate this challenging landscape.

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